Can TENS Units Really Kill Back Pain

What is a TENS unit?

Premium Digital 8 Electrode TENS / Muscle Stimulator Combo Digital Unit TENS is used as an acronym for the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is a process in which an electric current is passed through your body with the help of electrodes taped to your skin. A walkman radio or PDA sized battery operated box is known as TENS unit.

Some people think that TENS is similar to the process of acupuncture or acupressure.  Itis basically used to give the pain relief to any part of body from a few hours sitting to several days course.

TENS process uses two basic theories i.e. the first one is gate theory & the second is endorphin theory. These two theories explain the itas a pain reliever. Both these theories are used in this process of TENS to accomplish the pain relief.

How TENS unit uses Gate Theory?

tens unitDeliberately the Gate Theory says that the nerves are capable of carrying only one signal at a time. It over stimulates these nerves with the electric current produced by it. This stimulation creates the confusion in the brain which enables the blockage of real pain signals from getting through.

How TENS unit uses the Endorphin Theory?

The Endorphin Theory is used as a second theory. According to this theory, itprovokes the body to produce the natural morphine-like substances known as endorphins. These endorphins behave same as the original narcotics to provide pain relief to the whole body. To do so the electric current passed through itstimulates some nerves which in turn send messages to the brain causing it to release the natural pain relief chemicals.

Does the TENS unit actually works?

It has been found in general that itis characterized as a hyperstimulation analgesia i.e. a pain relieving modality. This hyperstimulation analgesia includes various processes like acupuncture, acupressure, massage and vibration. All these process work on one common basic principle. Like placebo, all these process also produce the same effects.

From the recent scientific studies following facts have been confirmed about the TENS unit.

Similar to the effects of fake acupuncture the fake TENS are also capable of producing the pain relieving effects. They actually produce the psychological effects rather than achieving pain relief as given by other pain relieving sources. Still there is no solid proof about the working of it& the effects produced by it.

Should the usage of TENS unit be stopped?

Although there are no 100% proofs about the results of it, it does not mean that if it is giving you the satisfactory results & relief from pain then you have to stop using it. If you have bought one & if it is working well for you then you can continue its use. Thus the result is that if something suits you then why not to use it?

But if you are planning to buy a new onethen it is adviced to first do proper research about its results. If you don’t find it upto the mark then many other products are also available.  It is  somewhat pricey.

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